Almost twenty-five years ago, I made a decision.  With little thought of implications or repercussions, I volunteered to be a human rights observer in Haiti. The impact on my life of that decision was profound.  This blog will explore that time and that impact.

Haiti is both a temporal and an eternal experience.  Here I hope to capture that experience in words. Some of the material will be newly written; some will come from my journals; some will come from my articles and poetry; some will come from my dissertation, In-Country: Identification of Transformational Learning and Leadership in Human Right Observers.  Although I may not always cite the specific source, all of it stems from my memories of that time and place.  The perspectives and impressions are primarily mine.  At times, they may appear to be naïve or even incorrect but bear with me, give me a chance to tell you my story and come with me to Haiti.

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